It was Bound to Happen (from 22-Oct.-2010)

One of my students quit before he even tried today. It was like his brain told him he couldn’t do anything and so even though he wanted to he didn’t even really try.


As for what inspired the title (something thankfully much more funny and light):

I make a lot of mistakes here. I’ve gotten used to it, developed a thick skin when it comes to messing up and carrying on. You make a note, practice and get it right the next time. I think I do it pretty well, which is important because a primary theme of all of my work is to do things I’ve never done before in a language that’s not my own.

This is good because today the mistake-ening (my tendency to make mistakes, in this case, with language) showed itself in a very big way. I made a big mistake//golyama greshka//голяма грешка.

It turns out that the word for “sentences,” as in, “For homework you need to write 10 sentences using this verb in different forms,” and the word for “feces” are really quite similar.

Go ahead and rearrange that sentence as needed to get the full effect. My class room full of 4th through 6th grade girls lost it.

Good times.

The really funny thing is that I didn’t know the meaning of the word for feces, though I swear I had learned it (and that it meant something else) during training.

Glad to see that’s outta the way. Also, the boys I teach English to are threatening to join me when I go running tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 5:30AM. We’ll see about that.

Oh one other, hilarious thing – someone confused me for the mayor today. Mind you this someone has not met him before. Turns out being the other guy walking with the Secretary of the Mayor’s office makes me a likely enough candidate. Glad to see I’m blending in, though.



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