Work and Language Lessons

*Full title* Работа//Rabota//Work and Уроци//Urotsi//Lessons (language, in this case)*

I’m translating a project outline document that I typed up with the Mayor. The process is this:

    1.    We talk
    2.    I type
    3.    (later) I translate
    4.    and Make note of the words I don’t already know
    5.    Later these become homework, but now…
    6.    I’m going to record the words and a sentence using them and make a language lesson playlist for…
    7.    when I take a break and go running later on.
    8.    The annoying, corporate and perfectly accurate word here is “synergy”
    9.    Wooo-yeahh!

Good thing this iPod has a voice-memo function.

Some words from today:

Срив//Sr-eev//Collapse or breakdown
Предвид//pred-veed//”in light of,” “in consideration of” or “in view of.”

Lots of fun huh?


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