A True Fact

First and foremost – the Title. It refers to how fashionable I am in this following picture.

(Thanks Grandma Barbara for the sweater, I had a feeling it’d help me fit in, and indeed it has.)This my Teacher’s outfit – boring and very utilitarian I know. I like it that much more.

So yeah, I’ve been teaching English! I started around the beginning of September and it’s been quite interesting. My class is not mandatory, which is kind of nice actually, though it does mean that attendance kind of rotates. The kids are fantastic, for the most part. There’s a wide range of ages, from 7 to 13, and an even wider range of English language knowledge. Also, I didn’t have a text book to work directly from when I started and I don’t really have a budget to make class materials.

That’s kind of the point of being here of course: doing things with no resources. I did get a random assortment of English work books from the school though, which may be the best thing since I have a random assortment of kids too.

In general teaching, even though I do it poorly, has shown me a couple of things. Parent involvement is very important. And class size. Holy Jesus is class size important.  I also never realized how much of a problem I was when I was doing all of that talking in class back in the day. Irony, and all that.

Below are a couple pictures from the first day of school. All of the schools in Bulgarian, within certain ages, start on the same day and there’s a ceremony that our school, at least, does to set the year off.



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