Out of Order/Right on Time

Site placement today: After Pre-Service Trainin, which we are 6/11 weeks through, I will live for 2 years in a small town in the Rodopie mountains. In my town: There are more sheep than people, I will work for the grammar school, the mayor’s office and the cultural center doing business development, language and computer classes, trying to find markets/clients for goods produced in the town as well as developing the eco-tourism and trails (blazing/marking trails!). It’s all basically starting from zero so it’s “ready-go” time when I get there. The mayor is rad. The area I’ll live in is supposedly wildly beautiful, they tell me everyone who goes there falls in love with it and also it has two waterfalls. In the selection process I asked them for the hardest job I could get and told them I didn’t care where or how lived. It seems I’ve got the first wish, and then because of it’s remoteness, the very extreme living condition that is a 5k walk to the main road nearby, they ended up sticking my in a secluded mountain paradise. How funny is that? I should have my own flat if not my own house so do come visit, as long as it’s after 6 months from now. I’ll meet you at the airport and it’ll be awesome. I promise. -C


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