16-6-2010 Update


Simple future tense, dinner with the Mayor the town “biznezzman” and his star football player friend, and this:

“Най-обичам луди луди жаби! луди луди жаби на сън, йе!”

“nye obeechum loodi loodi zhabi loodi loodi zhabi na sun, ya!”

“I love(the most) crazy crazy frogs! Crazy crazy frogs in my dream, ya!”

More importantly, we leave town tomorrow morning for Vratsa, where we will have a gathering (Hub) of all of the Bulgarian Volunteer trainees in which we all will learn where we will live and work for the following two years. A little exciting to say the least.

Also, ran for a half hour in some serious, muggy heat. It felt “good.” It also took me about the same amount of time in a cold shower to cool myself to the point of not sweating. Thermodynamics was not working with me this day. Cheers!


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