Contact Information:

My international number is now +359 888 860 187 You can call me whenever you want, but keep in mind that I am in a time zone that is GMT +2, so I’m 10 hours ahead of the West coast, and 7 hours ahead of the East Coast. I’d love to hear from any/all of you, but keepin mind I am really busy with work/learning/trying to mime the most basic of concepts – not knowing a language reduces one to the communicative ability of a toddler, or less. Anyway, if you call me, I don’t know how much it will cost you, if you set up a Skype account and cal me from it, that should be pretty cheap. Receiving calls doesn’t cost me anything, because apparently all of the other countries in the world don’t charge you for receiving calls, unlike in the US. It’s a plus. I will upload pictures and perhaps video soon. A quick update: I now live with a “Baba” (*grandmother) and her son, Petar. Her grand-daughter, Laticia, and her daughter, Tanya, visit often. The grand-daughter, is darling. More to come later. Things are good. I am learning Love you all,


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