Update 1 – a couple days after Pre-Service Training/PST began

So I am alive. Good news, I know. The PC has been incredibly awesome. So awesome. Starting yesterday, which was the first whole day we had in-country, we had 4 hours, split into two two-hour sessions of language training. This all started after about 30 hours of travel from Philly to our hotel where we will be until this Sunday. Yesterday we met with our program heads and their staffs regarding the kinds of tasks/projects we’ll have. I cannot stress this enough without being there with you to give gestures: *I am excited*. *So excited.* *And so amazed.* **The people here are so great. I don’t mean the locals. I don’t know them yet – we have been in this hotel the whole time so far and I have had little interactions, so far… Got up for running with a friend at about 625AM this morning, and when we went downstairs to the lobby, there were a half dozen people already down there, gathering for different pairs and triplets for jogging. Also, a group went even earlier. People also run during lunch and after the day’s sessions are over. There are half a dozen guys that lift, and most everyone is constantly practicing the language. It’s a giant pile of “doing-work.” How cool is that? Things are great. I hope you all are well!


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