Positive Displacement

Positive Displacement is when you don’t like the way something is being done and so you do that same thing the way you want it done, in a way that pushes them out of the market/context.

Don’t like how reckless Wall Street is? Maybe you should do a better job doing it right?

Don’t like what the politicians are doing? Think you can do it better? Well then get to it. If you’re running the country, they won’t be.

Don’t like the food on the menu? Open a better restaurant, make a better product for cheaper. You win and the world is a better place.

If the other guy is more dedicated, more focused and more passionate than you are, you’ll probably lose, likely to the detriment of your community. So you’d better decide if you’re serious, or just bitching (which is perfectly reasonable, and often fun!). If you’re serious, stop reading this nonsense –

you’ve got work to do.


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