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First Look of the Day: First official still from Kenneth Branagh’s live-action adaptation of Thor, featuring Chris Hemsworth in (hopefully partial) costume.


Lookin’ good sweet-cheeks.

Branagh: you best deliver.



It is Not Enough

to demand that your voice be heard. You must also know damn well what your saying is right.

Participation demands more than just reckless and passionate outbursts, as genuine as they may be, it demands discipline and dedication – a sustained effort. If what you care about isn’t worth that, you probably don’t really care about it.

A Conscious Environment

Discussing a variety of things with Angelo earlier today and we got on this topic of corporations and how they run shit. This is a pretty common topic.

What we specifically went on about was how corporations are increasingly the dominant power holders, which means they are increasingly the dominant aspects of our business, social and economic environment.

They are the dominant species in the global ecosystem of business. They are the trees in the forest. This is a tremendous shift from the vast majority of human experience in which the largest determinants of our existence have historically been the rules and laws of nature.

Gravity pulls things down so we weren’t able to fly until recently and then only with a great deal of technology. We had to follow the animals we hunted until we figured out farming, at which point we had to learn to work with the plants – all the while we had to adapt to our environment – its rules were our rules. Of course over time we did a better and better job of adapting it to us at the same time we did a better job adapting ourselves to it.

What is different now is that we have more power over the natural world than ever before and the balance of power is changing the relationship between us and the natural world. Nowadays the rules by which we must live are created by humans. Imagine if, someday, gravity were subject to deregulation. Consider that the financial meltdown we had was largely the result of deregulation and how badly we could all be impacted if, say FedEx decided that gravity was bad for business because it cost them more in jet fuel. They lobby hard, get gravity turned off and now what?

This is precisely the predicament we will eventually find ourselves in.

Positive Displacement

Positive Displacement is when you don’t like the way something is being done and so you do that same thing the way you want it done, in a way that pushes them out of the market/context.

Don’t like how reckless Wall Street is? Maybe you should do a better job doing it right?

Don’t like what the politicians are doing? Think you can do it better? Well then get to it. If you’re running the country, they won’t be.

Don’t like the food on the menu? Open a better restaurant, make a better product for cheaper. You win and the world is a better place.

If the other guy is more dedicated, more focused and more passionate than you are, you’ll probably lose, likely to the detriment of your community. So you’d better decide if you’re serious, or just bitching (which is perfectly reasonable, and often fun!). If you’re serious, stop reading this nonsense –

you’ve got work to do.

The Personal and the Personal

I am torn between my deepest needs. The choices are obvious.

1. All that I’ve ever really cared about doing in life is “Good.” While I don’t know full well what that means, I have to earnestly try and figure it out – to test myself, my strength, my determination and passion, most of all, my fortitude. 

2. At the same time everyone I’ve ever really cared about in life is already here.

Again, it’s the obvious conflict, and I’m still moving forward. It’s just not been my conflict until now. A new experience in and of itself.

Girl…I wanna access your science.

Girl…I wanna access your science.
Ampersand Otters

I will be in Philadelphia On May 10th and 11th

If you’re in the area, I’d love to grab a bite. Let’s plan ahead, even though I don’t yet know my plans for those days.