Another Reason Our Current Two-Party System Sucks

Republicans have been getting (and giving) a lot of flack as of late.

There’s been the on-going, “Republicans are the party of ‘no,’” and the honest admissions that even though everyone “wants” bi-partisanship, the minority party has nothing to gain from it (except of course, doing the right thing, rather than fear-mongering about socialism). There is the emerging consensus that the minority party has no interest, use or need to actually partake in governance, and that stalling and obstructionist tactics are the only worthwhile actions for the,

There are a lot of reasons why this is true. Among them are that we have incredibly divided politics right now and so if you work with someone you call a fascist, well that kind of makes you a fascist, doesn’t it? Or at least a fascist-sympathizer. Additionally, you won’t get any significant amount of credit out of the deal, as your party is not in control, and will not be rewarded for the success of that legislation.

Politics is very zero-sum, many times.

So there are a number of reasons why the minority party wouldn’t want to help out. And while some would argue that Dem.s hadn’t used as many filibusters historically, and have crossed the isle more (both things I’ve heard, neither of which I’ve double-checked), we are still left with a dynamic that expects us to have only one useful party at a time.

It’d be a lot better if we could put the minority party to use doing something. I mean that in an honest sense. If there’s nothing they can expect to get out of it in the short or long run, we can’t blame them (or us, next time around) for being obstructionists. Of course we can keep saying – correctly, I would argue – that people should do what is right for the country regardless, but we cannot structurally count on individuals to make decisions that end their careers for the sake of the country. “Do a good deed today, end your prospects of doing a good deed tomorrow.” How can we fix that?


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