Positive Displacement

Feel free to give it a better name.

It’s when you take your dream for a better world, use it as your compass, and then take the boat we’re sailing on currently and try and steer it that direction, one degree at a time.

It is precisely when a company goes from 10-20%  recycled paper. It’s when you care about something and the company just passed someone else up and hired you and now you can use those resources, access and power to further the cause you care about.

You think the world is run by assholes? Think that you’re not an asshole? Think it’d be better if the wasn’t run by assholes?

I guess you’d better make strides toward running the world then, huh?

It doesn’t matter what Facebook cause you’re in, or how loud you yell at the protestor, or how condemning of Whole Foods and Starbucks you are amongst your friends. It’s about figuring out what works, what really works, empirically, and taking every step necessary, and then claiming and keeping every inch of ground you can between you and a better world.

Don’t pretend tall-talk or dreams alone are going to do anything more than waste the air you breath and the time of everyone around you. Dreams are your inspiration, your compass, but not your means. Means are things like money, resources, clout, power. I know these are liberal sins, but no one thinks twice about using a carpenter’s hammer for pushing a nail into a piece of wood, why should it be any different using the right tools for worldly and societal change?


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