Fear and Absurdity

Following a little bit of Fox, a little bit of DailyKos and others, it seems that more and more of the loudest-shouted concerns being voiced, those typified by the 9/12 “protest” are directed at a president and an administration that simply do not exist.

Limbaugh and Drudge are now concerned that because Obama is now president, black students have free range on white students to beat them up. For this conclusion they site one video of a white kid being terrorized on a bus. Hell, my mom was beaten up by black kids when she was in school, I almost got in a fight with some when I was in college and none of that had to do with who was President. The idea of “Obama’s America”, the one they fear so badly is beyond the concept of a specter, it’s an extrapolation or a paranoia of a group-think-conclusion based on nothing. In other words it’s crazy.

I should note that of the few times I have almost been in a fight, only once was it with people who were black – and when it happened I didn’t see George W. Bush come to the rescue. Why didn’t I see that? Because it would be the height of absurdity.

Really what is going on here is a very small, yet well funded minority of people, people who happen to hold the most outrageous views and therefore speak the loudest, have conjured up some Insurgent Obama that seized power through underhanded means. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Obama’s presidency is the result of what is probably the largest grass-roots campaign in the history of the country. Think of what that means. It means that more people than ever before, were personally involved, not just in voting for this man, but in the logistical mechanics of his campaign. All of those people wanted to physically be involved in forwarding his chances at victory. It is not a sneaky group of “blacks” “gittin’ into our guvment”, it’s a large majority of Americans, too large to be extreme in its perspectives and inclinations who consciously chose this man to lead the country. So when people criticize his agenda as being extreme, which it isn’t, or socialist or fascist or “whatever” (to put it in Limbaugh’s words), they are really describingwhat most of the country wants as that.

What’s more is that many of Obama’s supporters wish he was going much, much further.

Oh, and when people talk about the government taking over the banks, and the auto-industry, and Fannie and Freddie, let’s not forget two things. First, how much worse off we’d be if we hadn’t done those things. Second, and perhaps more contextually important, the fact that Bush was literally doing nothing in the final months in office. Wall Street crashed and he disappeared. For months we effectively did not have a President.

Here’s the point, it’s not some crack team of radical operatives who performed a silent coup like in your favorite, no-budget Zeitgeist movie action-conspiracy thriller, that are running this country. It’s the thoroughly elected Administration delivering on its campaign promises that the vast majority of Americans want.


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