Re: "You Lie"

So the dude who shouted at the Prez., Rep. Wilson, says it’s a lie that none of these social services will go to illegal immigrants.

The President, and others rightly point out that none of the funds will be targeted at them, and that it will be illegal for them to receive the services and all that. Still people worry (scaremonger) that the “illegals” will trick the government with fake social security cards/#s and get our precious government services.

This is pretty dumb.

We already admit anyone into emergency care, as we should because we’d be bastards if we turned away dying people from our hospitals. This means we already, collectively pay the costs of their emergency bills. Of course if they had access to preventative care, they’d be more healthy and it’d cost us less – so if we just gave them our imaginary public option, we would save money.

Then of course, there’s the other problem which is that there’s no way to satisfy the “no illegals can use this service” need, because it’s a national program, there’s always going to be someone who gets one over on the government and uses services they aren’t entitled to. Additionally, money spent on preventing abuses like this are apparently wasted in trying to increase enforcement.

So really, where we are now, is “well calling the public option ‘socialism’ isn’t working out that well, so let’s remind people how scared they should be of immigrants.”

I’ll be that’s not going to work either.


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