Report on the Progress of the Empire of Ladagascar

My dear and exemplary roommate, Collin informs me that new territory has been taken and now held by the Glorious Empire of Ladagascar – that inhabitants of Boston have succumb, as all should and will, to the temptation and dominance of “Ga-Ga”.

This is not something to fear, citizens. You are not witnessing the fall of a domino in some grand competition of world views regarding political economies and the like. No, this is something magnificent, good news indee

Followers report higher eNeRGy levels than most and are always happy when listening to the soothing beats of our Fantastical Emperess. So rejoice! You are likely already living in Ladagascar territory, and if you are not, you should look forward to the day you are!

May the awkward-dance-blessing of “She” be upon all of us.


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